About us

M&J Trade

The Company M&J Trade was founded in 2002. Its founder had already acquired extensive experience in retail sales of pet food and equipment. The main idea behind the foundation of this company was to offer a quality distribution channel for pet related goods. Such a distributor network was not available on the Serbian market earlier.

Our central objective is to provide the market with top quality products from renowned manufacturers at the affordable prices and according to terms and conditions that guarantee the satisfaction of both our clients and end consumers.

We offer a complete range of supplies for all pet species, selected among the world’s best products.

We continually keep track of the latest global trends and apply them on our local market, which improves the business performance of our associates. We pay special attention to our client’s wishes and suggestions, we share our knowledge with them and constantly improve our relationships. By complementing each other, we build a perfect cooperation that will help us achieve our common goals and, most importantly, bring joy into the lives of the satisfied pets and their owners.

A tradition of successful business

Today, after more than a decade of successful business, M&J Trade is a reliable partner to many Serbian pet food and supplies retailers. M&J Trade imports the most renowned pet food, supplies and pet equipment brands through its distribution centers in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Business facilities

While expanding, the company invested heavily in real estate. Today, M&J Trade’s property comprises more than 4000 mof modern business facilities, offices and warehouses, which comply with the highest level of conformity with European standards for pet food businesses.

When it comes to the wholesale distribution of pet food and supplies, the firm operates from two distribution centers in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Rolling stock

M&J Trade has access to a new, modern rolling stock: 8 heavy goods vehicles and 4 passenger vehicles designed for fast and efficient pet food and supplies distribution to every client.

M&J Trade’s team

The Company M&J Trade hires employees with different professional background and with a considerable experience in the field of pet food and supplies distribution.  Our team consists of 34 employees: 2 directors-general (in charge of the entire organization as well as the management of import and sales), 2 sales directors (who oversee,  control the market and suggest innovative business ideas), 2 veterinarians specially trained in sales that  provide the customers with expert advice and help them select the most suitable products.

The M&J Trade team would not have been so successful without  ten salesmen in charge of direct communication with our partners,  ten drivers who carry out delivery services in the shortest possible time, five experienced warehousemen,  two financial administrators and a bookkeeper.

What we are proud of

M&J Trade has been the leading company in distribution business and successful cooperation for many years now. We represent various world-renowned pet food, supplies and equipment brands.

In one place and unter the most favorable conditions, M&J Trade offers a wide range of products from respectable foreign partners as well as reliable and fast distribution services to every pet shop, veterinary clinic, agricultural pharmacy and large retail chain.

The key to our success is a well organized and harmonious team that has remained unchanged since the company’s founding, and that is responsible for the success we achieved so far, as well as for building customer trust.

Import, wholesale and distribution have always been our primary activities.

Focusing on the development of a B2B strategy, we have decided not to open retail stores in order to protect our clients, which proved to be a successful business formula on the Serbian market.

We introduced an automated ordering system in conjunction with our professional staff in order to ensure fast and accurate deliveries, to prevent possible errors and provide the best possible service to our clients.

M&J Trade supports and sponsors charity events and organizations in Serbia that are trying to resolve the stray animals problem. M&J Trade also supports financially dog events throughout Serbia.

Out of love and respect for animals, M&J Trade advocates and cooperates exclusively with companies that promote the motto: „Do not test on animals, they are our friends“.

Vision and Mission

We strive to be the first and best choice for customers, suppliers, salesmen and for all of our current and future partners and team members.

Our mission is to continuously develop and improve our business by strenghtening every link in the chain of distribution.

We strive to continually refresh our offer and expand our product range in order to improve the business activities of all our associates and to satisfy our end consumers.

Through regular investment in the marketing and development of the brands that we represent, we attempt to build a prosperous common future and to improve the business results of all our clients and principals.

What distinguishes our company from others


M&J Trade is the only company that operates from multiple distribution centers in a specialized sales channel in order to offer the most efficient distribution service and to satisfy the customers.

By constantly and attentively focusing on every client and by respecting their needs, we achieve a successful synergy and a joint business improvement.

We regularly invest in training our team in order to secure the best possible expertise. By sharing our knowledge with our clients, we contribute to the mutual success of our companies.

The success of our clients is a measure of our own success. We help our clients increase their sales volume by providing them with the best conditions. As a result, we enjoy successful, productive and long-term business relationships with our foreign and domestic partners.

Our product delivery system is automated and strictly controlled, which enables us to offer our clients a wide range of supplies and high availability of all the required products.

M&J Trade is committed to client satisfaction and consumer education, all for the benefit of pets.