FLEXI ACTION during the New Year’s holidays

action mjtradeaction: If you are among those who write New Year’s resolutions, then the one that you need to put on the list is – more pet walking. Both you and your pet would benefit from this type of recreation, as you would feel better and would be healthier.

In order to ensure safety walking, you need an adequate leash that keeps your dog protected, while it also gives you convenience while walking it. That is why leash that you need is FLEXI that has the system of length regulation, as well as ergonomically comfortable handle.

You can choose the model that is like a tape or a wire, and the system of length regulation, as well as braking and automatic returning of the belt, they are easy to use and they will help you prevent your dog from running into street or to run recklessly.

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These leashes can be found at 3, 5 or 8-meter length, and they are now at a SPECIAL ACTION. Use the promo period and get the FLEXI your pet needs.

Look for them in all better equipped pet shops, and your long and nice walks with your four-legged friend may commence.