Belgrade pets traditionally wait Santa Claus’ arrival

arrival mjtradearrival: Companies MJ Trade and Trainer have decided to help Santa Claus to cheer up a great number of the capital’s pets. Traditional New Year’s gathering will be held on Sunday, November 26th at 1 PM at shopping centre Delta City.

We invite pets of all kinds, sizes and age, as they will receive tasty treats as a New Year’s present, and they will participate in the online contest during which 12 Santa’s helpers will be chosen. All you need to do is send application at portal and your spot at the largest New Year party for pets is guaranteed.


The event is of humanitarian character, as it was in the previous years, so we invite you to bring treats, food, bedding, old leashes, harnesses, blankets, toys and everything else that your cats and dogs no longer use, as everything we collect will go to the paws of cats and dogs that are being taken care of one of the Belgrade’s association’s for animal protection.

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Santa Claus, gifts, taking photos, socializing, helping stray animals, sounds like ideal New Year party, doesn’t it?

We are expecting you!