Amazing Moderna toilets for every kitty

toilets mjtradetoilets: Pets are more than just animals, they are part of a family, which is why they should be given the same importance, as well as all the benefits that make their lives easier. In case you have a cat, then you must know how important it is for them to have a toilet that is easy to use, and that they would like to use, as they can be quite picky.

Lift to Sift toilet for cats is easy to use and the firm parts prevent the litter from being spilt and scattered all around your home. All you need is several seconds so as to clean this toilet and leave the box with no smell.




Another cat show successfully organized at Delta City

organized mjtradeorganized: Delta City was this year once again the place of gathering of the most beautiful furry beauties of Belgrade – cats! Cold weather conditions and snow have meddled in, but that did not stop 14 cats and their owners to come and compete in six categories for which companies MJ Trade, Moderna and Trainer have given awards.

All kitties, either on leash, or in hands of their owners, walked down the green carpet in front of a three-member jury, that had a hard task of choosing the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAT OF BELGRADE, but also the most charming one, the most colourful, the oldest cat, the fuzziest and the cutest couple.



ROGZ collars, leashes and harnesses

collars mjtradePart of the equipment for walking a dog that every dog owner should have as soon as the puppy enters the home are collars, leash and harness. By providing this kind of equipment to the pet, the owners will ensure the safety during the walks both for the pet and themselves.

Health and safety of your pets should be on the top of your priority list, and therefore, if you are going for a walk without a leash, you are risking a set of unpredicted, and unsafe situations. No matter how much you think you know your dog, you can never be certain how he would react to the environments, neither you know how people would react to the fact that your dog walks freely without a leash.


PLOUF shampoos for happy and content dogs and cats

shampoos mjtradeThere is nothing nicer than hugging your pet, feeling nice and sensing its beautiful smell. It has never been easier than now, with the assistance of Plouf shampoos of Biogance brand.

Plouf shampoos are now available in Serbia in all better equipped pet shops, at convenient prices, and there are six different scents.

Universal shampoo with Grape extract gently cleans and brings brightness and shine to the coat. It is suitable for all coat types and we believe that both you and your pet will enjoy the scent and shine of its hair.



FLEXI ACTION during the New Year’s holidays

action mjtradeaction: If you are among those who write New Year’s resolutions, then the one that you need to put on the list is – more pet walking. Both you and your pet would benefit from this type of recreation, as you would feel better and would be healthier.

In order to ensure safety walking, you need an adequate leash that keeps your dog protected, while it also gives you convenience while walking it. That is why leash that you need is FLEXI that has the system of length regulation, as well as ergonomically comfortable handle.


MODERNA pet products available in Serbia

products mjtradeModerna, Belgian company specialized in production and distribution of plastic products for pet industry can now be found on Serbian market at quite reasonable prices.

This family company does business from 1932 in more than 65 countries of the world and its goal is to be global leader in the production of innovative products from plastic for pets.

On the list of products, that is continually expanding, litter boxes, food and water bowl, cat and dog transporters, as well as equipment for small birds such as rodents, birds and reptiles can be found.