visiting mjtradevisiting: Great things should not be changed, which is why pets’ socializing with Santa Claus will be organized, once again, at the same place. BIG Shopping Centre will open its doors for pets of all breeds and sizes on Saturday, December 2nd, at 1 PM.

Companies MJ Trade and Trainer are to be given credit for preparing free New Year presents that will be shared by Santa Claus, and at least 300 pets of Novi Sad will take care of creating cheerful and unforgettable atmosphere. Dogs, cats, parrots, guinea pigs, turtles are among many pets that have applied so far for the largest New Year party and applications are still open.



DISCOUNT PRICES for Trainer food for cats and dogs

prices mjtrade New Year and holiday season are near, as well as the time to bestow our dearest ones. In case you are planning to treat your kitties and doggies with super premium food that is hard to resist, now is the right time as we have DISCOUNT PRICES for Trainer food.

All small packages of dry Trainer food for dogs and cats, weighing 800 grams, 2 and 3 kilos, from Natural, Personal and Fitness line can be found at great discount in all better equipped pet shops.





Belgrade pets traditionally wait Santa Claus’ arrival

arrival mjtradearrival: Companies MJ Trade and Trainer have decided to help Santa Claus to cheer up a great number of the capital’s pets. Traditional New Year’s gathering will be held on Sunday, November 26th at 1 PM at shopping centre Delta City.

We invite pets of all kinds, sizes and age, as they will receive tasty treats as a New Year’s present, and they will participate in the online contest during which 12 Santa’s helpers will be chosen. All you need to do is send application at portal and your spot at the largest New Year party for pets is guaranteed.



TASTE OF THE WILD – amazing product line for CATS

taste mjtradeTaste of the Wild cat and dog food is included in the broad diapason of MJ Trade products. This food, produced in the United States of America, is known worldwide especially by its quality and taste that no pet can resist. In our market two kinds of cat food can be found – Rocky Mountain Feline Formula and Canyon River Feline Formula.

Rocky Mountain food contains meat of tasteful deer and salmon, while Canyon River food has trout and salmon as its main ingredients. Whichever meat that your cat prefers, there is no mistake.



ROGZ BOWLS – certainly the best choice for DOGS and CATS

bowls mjtradebowls: All committed pet owners certainly spend more money on their pets than on themselves. Nothing weird about that. However, sometimes owners spend a lot of money on things that are not as necessary, such as tiny pet suits and fashion accessories. What is really necessary for your pet is a good bowl that will stand the test of time.

The main of the criteria while choosing a bowl should not be colour or design, but material out of which the bowl was made. It would be great to get the bowl made out of fabric that is high-temperature proof. It is important as they can be washed in machines or under hot water, so microorganisms could be destroyed, which is much harder to achieve with plastic bowls.



Amazing FLEXI DISCOUNT while stocks last

discount mjtradeDiscount: One of the main means of communication between the owner and a dog is a LEASH. Thanks to this bond, the dog feels the safety during the walk in the environment that it is not familiar to. As with all other aspects of dog training, such is with teaching the dog to walk on a leash, you need to start while your dog is still a puppy.

You need to pay attention and choose the appropriate leash, and you can do it based on the size and breed of the dog, as well as based on the purpose of the leash. What is really important is to have leash that enables your dog to walk freely and not to feel restrained.