Another cat show successfully organized at Delta City

organized mjtradeorganized: Delta City was this year once again the place of gathering of the most beautiful furry beauties of Belgrade – cats! Cold weather conditions and snow have meddled in, but that did not stop 14 cats and their owners to come and compete in six categories for which companies MJ Trade, Moderna and Trainer have given awards.

All kitties, either on leash, or in hands of their owners, walked down the green carpet in front of a three-member jury, that had a hard task of choosing the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAT OF BELGRADE, but also the most charming one, the most colourful, the oldest cat, the fuzziest and the cutest couple.


After the 14 cats went down the carpet and after putting the jury into hard position, a decision has been made and the cats have once again taken over the runway, as well as the prizes that awaited them.

THE MOST COLORFUL cat was certainly TVAJLA that came to the event with its two owners, while THE MOST CHARMING kitty award went to a white fluffy cat named LOLA.

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Another participant of the event was 11-year-old grandpa TOMMY that got the award for THE OLDEST CAT. THE FUZZIEST was a white-grey tomcat named GAŠA that did not want to leave the hands of its owner, while THE CUTEST COUPLE award went into the paws of ANLI and SIVI.

Finally, the moment has come to announce the most beautiful cat, that is, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TOMCAT of Belgrade! The title was given to a young, beautiful cat named EMILIO.

Until the next gathering it to be organized with Belgrade’s kitties, you can enjoy the photos of furry beauties in the following gallery.