DISCOUNT PRICES for Trainer food for cats and dogs

prices mjtrade New Year and holiday season are near, as well as the time to bestow our dearest ones. In case you are planning to treat your kitties and doggies with super premium food that is hard to resist, now is the right time as we have DISCOUNT PRICES for Trainer food.

All small packages of dry Trainer food for dogs and cats, weighing 800 grams, 2 and 3 kilos, from Natural, Personal and Fitness line can be found at great discount in all better equipped pet shops.




Trainer line of products for dogs and cats is complete food with functional ingredients that benefit all bodily needs of your pets and their needs that are dependent on the pet’s age, physical activity and general health.

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Natural Trainer food is made for usual necessities of kittens and grown up cats, as well as puppies and dogs. Fitness food is produced for pets sensitive on certain ingredients, while Personal product line is for special needs of your pet.

Look for Trainer food in all better equipped pet shops and enjoy in your saved money, while your four-legged friend enjoys tasty bites!