MODERNA pet products available in Serbia

products mjtradeModerna, Belgian company specialized in production and distribution of plastic products for pet industry can now be found on Serbian market at quite reasonable prices.

This family company does business from 1932 in more than 65 countries of the world and its goal is to be global leader in the production of innovative products from plastic for pets.

On the list of products, that is continually expanding, litter boxes, food and water bowl, cat and dog transporters, as well as equipment for small birds such as rodents, birds and reptiles can be found.


You can find these unique plastic products at all better equipped pet shops in Serbia, in the use of which your pets would surely enjoy, while you would be delighted with each product’s design.

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One of the products we would like to point out is angular toilet with a filter Flip Corner for cats. It is made of quality plastic and considering that it is made as angular, it is suitable for small rooms. It contains of litter box, shovel and a filter, as well as top with door and a handle for easier transportation of the toilet. Taking into consideration that the toilet’s construction is closed, spilling of the litter is disabled.

products mjtrade












From a wide range of Moderna transporters, we would like to single out Cats in Love cat transporter that has holes for unobstructed air flow, soft handle for convenient handling of the transporter and door, and you can find it in grey colour.

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Bowls and feeders for cats and dogs are available in several sub-brands such as Cats in Love, Friends Forever, Luxurious Pets and Wild Life.

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A special product is Doonut – a perfect place where your kitty can have a nap or hide from the quests’ looks. This exquisitely designed product that looks like a donut contains a soft washable cushion, and exterior plastic part is easily assembled. Both plastic part and the cushion can be regularly washed.

products mjtrade

Now that you are introduced with a new brand on our market, it only remains that you visit your local pet store and look for these great cat and dog products.