PLOUF shampoos for happy and content dogs and cats

shampoos mjtradeThere is nothing nicer than hugging your pet, feeling nice and sensing its beautiful smell. It has never been easier than now, with the assistance of Plouf shampoos of Biogance brand.

Plouf shampoos are now available in Serbia in all better equipped pet shops, at convenient prices, and there are six different scents.

Universal shampoo with Grape extract gently cleans and brings brightness and shine to the coat. It is suitable for all coat types and we believe that both you and your pet will enjoy the scent and shine of its hair.


White coat shampoo gently cleans and revives the white and light coats of your pets. The scent of this shampoo is licorice, and if you own maltese, samoyeds or bichon frise dogs, your problem is solved.

Owners of long-coated dogs often have problem with removing excess dirt that can get stuck in the coat. That is why Biogance company has designed Plouf long coat shampoo with honey extract, which cleans, nourishes in deep and makes pet’s hair brushing much easier.

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Puppy shampoo with peach extract is extremely gentle due to pup’s hair and skin sensitivity.

Of course, the company has thought of the cats as well, which is why you can now find cat shampoo with pear extract in our market. This shampoo cleans gently, degreases and helps purify the coat of your cat.

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Conditioners are very useful, especially if your cats or dogs have long coat. They help detangling and they bring shine to the coat. That is why you should look for Plouf conditioner with raspberry extract.

All these shampoos, as well as the conditioner, are made without the use of harmful parabens and with natural ingredients, and they can be found in packages of 200 ml in every better equipped pet shop.

Give your pet the scent and the cleanliness everyone would remember!