TASTE OF THE WILD – amazing product line for CATS

taste mjtradeTaste of the Wild cat and dog food is included in the broad diapason of MJ Trade products. This food, produced in the United States of America, is known worldwide especially by its quality and taste that no pet can resist. In our market two kinds of cat food can be found – Rocky Mountain Feline Formula and Canyon River Feline Formula.

Rocky Mountain food contains meat of tasteful deer and salmon, while Canyon River food has trout and salmon as its main ingredients. Whichever meat that your cat prefers, there is no mistake.


Both food kinds are high-quality, as well as the meat with easily absorbable proteins and fats. They maintain healthy balance of intestines and they do not contain grains, artificial colours nor taste enhancers.

Active omega 3 acids take care of skin and fur health of your pet and they ensure the vitality and health of the cat. We would like to point out the fact that this food does not have grains in its contents, as high percentage of carbohydrates in numerous commercial foods can lead to digestion problems, diabetes as well as obesity in cats.

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Taste of the Wild cat food is adjusted to the way cats used to eat in the beginning, but it also takes into consideration that cats have different lifestyle with regular feeding, and decreased moving and playing routines.

Therefore, if you are looking for ideal food for your cat, that will enable her with all necessary ingredients, do not look further, as there is Taste of the Wild!